Toefl Reading

Introduction to the Reading Section of the TOEFL IBT

In the reading section of the TOEFL test, you will be required to read 3-5 passages on varying topics. After each passage, you will answer 12-14 questions that your ability to:

  •          understand vocabulary
  •          recognize sentence structure
  •          determine factual information
  •          determine implied information
  •          recognize the writer’s intention

You will not be permitted to see the questions until after you have read the passage. While answering the questions, you will be permitted to look back at the reading. You do not need any previous knowledge on the topic in order to answer the questions correctly.

Passage Types:

-          Exposition. Material that provides information about or an explanation of a topic

-          Argumentation. Material that presents a point of view about a topic and provides supporting evidence in favor of a position

-          Narrative. An account of a person’s life or a historical event

Reading Question Types:

Most questions will be multiple-choice questions. The following list explains the types and number of each type of question per passage. The question may not appear in this order. 

TOEFL Reading Section

Most questions are worth 1 point each, however, Summary questions are worth 2 points and Table questions are worth 3-4 points.