About YouPractice

Accepted at more than 10,000 institutions around the globe, a variation of the TOEFL test has been administered since 1965 through Educational Testing Service (ETS). TOEFL preparation is a challenging process and there are some ways to make this easy. Taking TOEFL practice tests can give students a good indication of where they stand and help improve their chances of achieving a higher score.

So we promise you better performance on TOEFL. YouPractice is committed to assisting you to reach a higher score.  Our native speaking and writing instructors give personalized one-on-one aid to the students preparing for the test.

Other sites sell lots of practices, self-study learning objects and no grading services that leave students worried.  However, YouPractice presents personal assistance as well as free packages of the tests.  Be with us and you'll have access to an accredited real person who will tell you exactly how to increase your TOEFL authorship and speaking score.

We have had thousand of TOEFL participants who reached their goals with the help of YouPractice, proud of them. The quality of the feedback and level of the  scoring consistency on YouPractice have been increasing evermore with our accredited and experienced examiners, instructors, and linguists as well as the powerful technology infrastructure.